Midnight Movie

This black and white photograph is centered on two women. The woman closer to the camera is wearing a bright colored jacket and is gesturing with her hands. The woman behind her is wearing a black jersey and is making a pincer movement with her hands against the woman in front of her. The whole picture has a strong contrast between light and dark.
© Credits Yu Jin

Fri, 16.09.2022 -
Sat, 17.09.2022 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Theatre YOUNG - Green Box

1155 Kongjiang Road
Yangpu District


Language: Chinese, Chinese sign language
Access Wheelchair
Chinese Sign Language Interpretation
Audio description in Mandarin Chinese

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In Eve Leigh's Midnight Movie, the protagonist’s sleep is deprived by story-telling. She swiped the screen, reading various online stories, in which she seeks bodily truths. She dives into these stories until there is no boundary between digital body and her real body. She roams on the Internet, where new dopes, new web pages, new stories and new sleepless nights are continuously generated so she can finally escape from her unreliable body and become a digital ghost.

In this production, director Liu Xiao invites deaf actor Alice Hu and hearing actor Rachel Zhang to co-create the show. They start with the same text and enrich it with their unique ways of performing. The intertwining of sign language and speaking language makes the discussion about disability more relevant to the audiences.

The performance includes spoken language (Chinese), different styles of sign language (CSL and Visual Vernacular), body language, captions, photographs, live and pre-recorded video to make it accessible for both deaf and hearing audiences.

*Hosted by Theatre YOUNG and The Department of Culture and Education of the German Consulate General in Shanghai