World Alzheimer’s Day:"BEING by your side" Seminar

This image is a scene of the communication and interaction between the Rhythm Project team and people with dementia through music and songs. This forum invites scientists, artists and communities to share and discuss how to use interdisciplinary methods to intervene in the care of people with dementia. Elderly cognitive impairment cannot be completely reversed, but non-drug treatments, especially art social therapy Healing is currently considered to be a more effective and humane way of healing.
photoed by Teng Chen, provided by Xunyao Plan

Wed, 21.09.2022 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Being Art Museum

No. 135, Hongfeng Road
Pudong District


Language: Chinese
Audio description in Mandarin Chinese

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Through action forums,exploring how science and art can help Alzheimer's.

Subject: How to use an interdisciplinary approach to intervene in the care of people with dementia-taking the perspective of technology and art as an example.
Organized by: Being Art Museum、Merry Memory、Art Access、Comple-X and UNArt Center