LIU YI: Walk in, and then look through

LIU YI: Walk in, and then look through
© Liu Yi

Fri, 22.07.2022 -
Fri, 23.09.2022

Being Art Museum

No. 135, Hongfeng Road
Pudong District


Language: English, Chinese
Price: 30 RMB
Audio description in Mandarin Chinese
Access Wheelchair

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From July 22 to September 23, 2022, Being Art Museum presents artist Liu Yi's solo exhibition Liu Yi: Walk in, and then look through. The exhibition displays his mobile phone screen paintings in recent years and the multi-dimensional creations they bring, including paintings, sculptures, installations, images, animations, sounds, lights, games, networks, space painting installations and other different forms of art works and groups. The exhibition is planned and prepared in the curatorial mode of "dialogue/reference", and the curator Art Yan participates as an "interlocutor/referencer". At the same time, Liu Yi's public art project Bird Singing Radio launched during the epidemic in Shanghai and the birdsong sounds collected together with BAM will also be co-created and exhibited in conjunction with the public space of the art museum.