Inclusive sport activity


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Sun, 18.09.2022 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Century Park

50 meters east side of gate 7
Century Park, 809 Huamu Road
Pudong District


Language: Chinese, English
Price: Free of charge, pre-registration needed
Guide Dog Friendly

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beYoureyeS is an inclusive sport activity, founded in January 2015, in Shanghai.

beYoureyeS is dedicated to promoting sports accessibility, making it easier for those who are visually impaired to enjoy sports. Everyone deserves to enjoy the joy of sports.

There is a spirit of our concept: our NGO caters to a variety of sports, road running, swimming, cycling and triathlon, to list a few. With us, regardless of the physical impairment, those who wish to participate in a race, are able to.

Whether a visually impaired runner or unimpaired runner, all of our participants are called "Lanjingling", which is also the name of our NGO. Lanjingling organize diversity and inclusive activities, we encourage all walks of life to participate and create a barrier free society together.

We hope everyone will be treated well by the world.