Performance screening with public talk


This image shows a scene of Pan with six dancers. In the center is the male performer Wheelsmith, seated in a wheelchair, and the physically disabled dancer, Tung Ka Wai, standing behind him with one arm raised. Two more dancers stand beside Tung, and two others crouch beside Wheelsmith trying to reach him. All dancers look concentrated like listeners to each other’s bodies.
© Bernie Ng scaled

Sun, 25.09.2022 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM



Language: Chinese, English, Chinese sign language
Price: Free of charge, pre-registration needed
Extra Wheelchair Seats
Chinese Sign Language Interpretation
Relaxed Performance

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Inspired by the allegorical Chinese myth of Pangu, and choreographed by Kuik Swee Boon (Singapore) and Kim Jae Duk (Korea), the contemporary dance piece Pan presents the idea of transculturation as a convergence of cultures across geographical, historical, social and physical boundaries. Created in collaboration with award-winning Taiwanese musician Wang Yu-jun, the performance is hosted and co-performed by two disability artists Wheelsmith (Danial Bawthan) and Tung Ka Wai. Produced by THE Dance Company and commissioned by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, the full-length dance show premiered live in Singapore in May 2021 as part of the Cultural Extravaganza Festival 2021.