A l’école des philosophes

This screenshot adopts a close-up view toward the female teacher Adeline at the special school and the mentally disabled boy Kenza. Adeline is talking to Kenza with a smile. Kenza’s head is resting on the cushion, food juices flowing from the corner of his mouth. Adeline supports Kenza's head with one hand and gestures with the other. Her smile is full of care and patience.
© 2018 Fernand Melgar



11, 108 North Shanxi Rd
Jing'an District


Language: French, Chinese subtitles
Price: Free of charge, pre-registration needed
Extra Wheelchair Seats
Chinese Sign Language Interpretation

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Five children with mental disabilities take their first steps at school, where they will have to learn to live together. The mission seems almost impossible as they are so confined within themselves. But, little by little, the class will take shape before our eyes and against all odds its students will progress, to the great surprise and happiness of their parents. Filled with humor and tenderness, the film tells the adventure of a small group of children like no other that opens up to life and to the world.