Performative workshop with lecture

Signing Songs

This picture is a portrait of the deaf Finnish rapper Signmark who is smiling brightly at the camera with his hands wide open in the front. He is standing in a studio with a dark background, wearing a gray button up shirt and a pair of black jeans with a brown belt.
© Lari Jarnefelt

Fri, 23.09.2022 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM




Language: International sign language with interpretation into Chinese sign language and Chinese
Price: Free of charge, pre-registration needed
Extra Wheelchair Seats
Chinese Sign Language Interpretation

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

Signmark (a.k.a. Marko Vuoriheimo) was born deaf into a world where music is for the hearing. He pursued his childhood dream and became the first deaf in the world to get a record deal. Signmark fell for hip-hop and rap music, both because of the beat and the possibility to talk about important issues through the music. Rap, as a form of art, goes beyond music, lyrics, culture and languages, helping the signing community to find their own voice. With his music and positive approach, Signmark wants to change the attitudes towards the deaf and put emphasis on appreciating diversity in today’s exceedingly multicultural world. In the lecture/workshop, we indulge ourselves into songwriting together with Signmark, and discover that hip-hop culture indeed has the tradition of stretching boundaries of art, culture, politics and society, emphasizing that music indeed, is for everyone.