Performance screening with public talk


This picture shows Doris Uhlich and the dancer and choreographer Michael Turinsky during their performance of Ravemachine. Both lie on their backs on the floor with winkled legs and their bodies moving to Techno-Beats, inspired by the sound of Turinsky’s wheelchair. Michael works with Doris in exploring the body, its physicality, energy, and ecstasy.
© Peter Empl

Sat, 24.09.2022 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Department of Culture and Education, German Consulate General

101 Cross Tower, 318 Fuzhou Road
Huangpu District


Language: English with Chinese subtitles, Chinese, Chinese sign language
Price: Free of charge, pre-registration needed
Extra Wheelchair Seats
Chinese Sign Language Interpretation

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Ravemachine is a project in which two different bodies meet and mutually influence each other, exchanging impulses and thereby expanding their own physical biographies. Doris Uhlich invited the dancer and choreographer Michael Turinsky to work with her in exploring the body, its physicality, energy, and ecstasy. What are the movements that act like batteries for Michael Turinsky to recharge his body? Where does the body depart to while its batteries keep filling up? People with physical impairments are not usually associated with energy, energy discharge, or ecstasy – we associate them with implosion rather than explosion, standstill rather than progress. In sampling the sounds of her partner’s electric wheelchair, amplifying and translating them into thumping techno beats, Doris Uhlich generates an energy that in turn seizes Michael Turinsky. Energies of humans and machines are transferred and transformed, making the dialogue or even the whole relationship between man and machine, ecstasy and form, charge and discharge come alive.

The video screening "Ravemachine" contains loud noises and techno music, so we rather less recommend the event for acoustically sensitive people.

During this event, we want to raise awareness about sustainability and to help eliminating single-use plastic bottles. Therefore, we would kindly ask all our participants not to bring any plastic bottles. The company BWT will offer water for everyone during the whole event with their simple and sustainable concept of a Bottle Free Zone. In the Bottle Free Zone, your local tap water - regardless of quality - is filtered, treated and enriched with BWT technology to provide fresh, great-tasting water straight from the tap.